July 2002 Recalls

As of 07/01/02

The U.S. Coast Guard releases defect recall notices on a monthly basis. Defect recalls are listed by Manufacturers Identification Code (MIC) and company. When contacting the manufacturer about a recall, refer to the recall campaign number listed in the "Number" column.

For earlier recalls, visit the Coast Guard's web site, www.uscgboating.org. Click on the "boat owners & manufacturers" icon.




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LAR   Larson Boats    Cabrio 270 & Cabrio 274 2000 - 2002 Anti-siphon valve   Open Larson Boats discovered that its supplier of plastic fuel tanks failed to include an anti-siphon device with the fuel tank. The lack of required anti-siphon protection could result in fuel leakage if the fuel hose were to become damaged, cut, broken or loose. This creates the risk of fire/explosion. Manufacturer will remove the existing fuel withdrawal fittings and replace with anti-siphon valves on affected vessels. Cabrio 270 units equipped with aluminum tanks are not involved, nor are 2002 Cabrio 274 models manufactured after March 2002.
  020108T Mercury Marine 175hp, 210hp & 240hp M2 jet drives 2000-01 Electrical system fuse, fuel system 9103 Open Some engines may have an incorrect fuse for the fuel pump (20a rather than 3a). Some engines may have a loose connection between the fuel filter and the fuel pump. The potential for fire and explosion exists in these engines. Refer to Mercury service bulletins 2001-02 and 2001-10.2000 & 2001 210hp &240hp jet drives s/nos 0E373939 through 0E393940.2001 175hp & 210hp jet drives s/nos 0E393941 through 0E397964.2001 240hp jet drives s/nos 0E393941 through 0E397665.
  020107T Mercury Marine MCM 496, MCM 496 HO MIE 8.1 & HO   PCM 555 Control Module 4977  Open A diode in the engines electronic control module, the PCM 555, may fail. If the diode fails the boat operator may not be able to turn off the engine with the key switch. There have been no reported incidents. Refer to Mercury service bulletin 2001-14.Mercury Mercruiser and inboard engines: MCM 496 MAGF sterndrive engines s/nos 0M025000 through 0M095102; MCM MAG HO sterndrive engines s/nos 0M025000 through 0M095120; MIE 8.1S Horizon inboard engines s/nos 0M025000 through 0M027750; MIE 8.1 IS HO inboard engines s/nos 0M025000 through 0M027747.
  020106T Mercury Marine 115hp EFI 4-stroke outboard engines 2001 Flywheel nut may be loose 1320 Open The flywheel nut on some Mercury 115 EFI four stroke outboards may not be properly secured which would allow the flywheel to come loose. None are reported to have actually come off the engine. The flywheel nut needs to be retorqued. Refer to Mercury Marine outboard service bulletin 2001-06.Outboards with s/nos 0T332305 through 0T388252 are involved in this recall.
HTB 01R0396S High Torque Marine SR24 2001 Fuel system, blower label 233  Open Metallic components of fuel system and fuel tanks, which are in contact with fuel, were not statically grounded. Natural and powered ventilation system has inadequate size, blower warning label is not installed at engine starting location. Recall covers certification label, blower warning label & fuel system grounding.
PLE 020091T Polaris Industries, Inc. Virage I & TXI 2002 Gasoline engine 2829  Open 2829 units potentially involved however less than 50 boats actually have the problem. Incomplete molding of the fuel tank could cause fuel to enter the boat, possible fire or explosion if ignition source present
SSU 01R0480S S2 Yachts, Inc. 3000 Offshore 2000-02 Battery location 30 Open The engine bank batteries are installed on the centerline between the engines. The possibility exists, when serving the engine fuel system, that a metallic object could come in contact with ungrounded battery terminals causing a spark the could result in a fir or explosion. The manufacture will replace the existing battery trays with enclosed plastic battery boxes. HINs SSUP9142E900 through SSUP9222A202
SER 020095T Sea Ray Boats, Inc, 200 Bowrider 2002 Fuel hose routing 136 Open The engine fuel pickup hose is routed such that it could come in contact with the engine pulley, resulting in a leak, and possible fire and explosion. This affects only boats manufactured at Sea Ray's Phoenix facility.HINs SERA6139G102 through SERA6642J102, s/nos 701 through 836.
DZU 02R0284T Thoroughbred Cruisers, Inc. 83 X 18 2002 Electrical system 18 Open During factory visit discovered bonding wire in washer/dryer and range was connected between neutral and ground. Manufacturer volunteered to do recall.